About us

Alexandru Zainescu offers driving license courses in English for foreign citizens. In order to obtain a driving license students must pass a theory test and a practical examination. For the practical exam our company offers driving lessons with an English-speaking instructor, while for the theory test we give our students learning material in English.

Hundreds of foreign citizens who choose us choose professionalism and success!

What to do

The steps you need to take are the following:

  • Future (foreign citizens) students must own documents issued by Romanian Authorities
  • Before applying, the student should obtain a judiciary certificate issued by the Police authority where they are registered. Before going to the police, you will need to pay at CEC a tax for the certificate of criminal record history and will have to buy a fiscal postage / stamp of 2 Ron from Posta Romana.
  • In addition to the above, the student should take a medical and psychological test. Our school is collaborating with a medical institute and can help you save time with both of these.
  • With all of the above mentioned documents plus 2 copies of the ID, the student can apply for the driving license.
  • The course will last at least 5 weeks and the price is 1700 Ron, of which 1600 Ron are for the driving lessons and 100 for the learning material in English.


You can reach us at the following phone number and email address:

  • +40721744533
  • contact.auto52@gmail.com